Smoky Chips

These smoky chips are super simple to make and are always a fan favorite.  With just a little rub and smoke, you can take everyday kettle chips to the next level.


  • 3 1lb bags of kettle potato chips
  • Historic Red
  • Apple Juice


Empty one bag of chips into a full-size disposable foil pan.  Lightly spritz with apple juice - It only takes just a few sprays.  You want the surface of the chips damp enough for the rub to stick but you don't want to add so much juice the chips get soggy. 

Apply a moderate coating of Historic Red to the chips. If you use a different rub be sure to pick something that isn't overly salty, the chips already have salt on them and you don't want your final product to be too salty.   Gently shake the pan to move the chips around then give them one extra spritz of apple juice and a little more rub, that should give you good coverage on all the chips.

Repeat the process with the remaining two bags of chips, laying them on top of the seasoned chips in the same pan.

Place the pan on your smoker at 225°F.  Smoke for 25 minutes. The chips should have a light smoky taste, the apple juice should have evaporated and the rub should have adhered to the chips. 

The chips can be served immediately or stored for later.  If you are serving them later allow the chips to cool for 20 minutes then tightly cover with aluminum foil.  As long as the foil is well sealed around the pan you can make the chips several days in advance.  You can also transfer them into an airtight container and store them for up to a week before they get stale. 


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