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The Spirit of BBQ Comes to Life


We have always loved BBQ.  We love to make it, eat it, talk about it, the smell of the fire and wood, the time spent together with friends during a cook, basically everything about it.  And when we think of BBQ, we think of the spirit of America, especially being from such a historic hometown like Lebanon, Ohio.

This encouraged us to take an idea we have had for several years and turn it over to the very talented Patrick Carlson at, who took our idea and created "The Spirit of BBQ" logo.  To us, the spirit of BBQ is great food, great friends, and great times together!  It's taking something you love, putting a bunch of love into it, and sharing it with others.

We think it says a lot about who we are... and it looks great on a shirt too!


Historic -BBQ-Spirit -of -BBQ

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